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How To Guides for Barn Owl Cameras and Barn Owl HQ

Register your Barn Owl HQ Account & Add Camera

QR Code Method: To register your Barn Owl HQ Account, follow the steps below. 1. Scan the QR code, located on the camera box or camera door, with your smartphone's camera app. 2. Click the link that appears in your camera app. This will start the reg

RangeCam 4G & Mini - Quick Setup Video

Follow the steps above for a quick video overview of RangeCam 4G & Mini setup.

ReachCam - Quick Setup Video

Follow the steps above for a quick video overview of ReachCam setup.

Setup Ai and Alerts (Web App, Email, and Text)

Click the 3 dots on your camera to access its menu, then click Ai & Alerts. Select Camera Alerts to configure in-app, email, or text alerts for specific events. New Image or Video: alerts you any time your camera transmits an image to your Barn Owl H

Barn Owl HQ - Camera Settings

Watch the video above for a quick overview of Barn Owl HQ Camera Settings. Click the 3 dots to access your camera’s menu and then select Camera Settings. Then select the dropdown options below to configure your camera. ‘How is the camera Triggered?’.

Trigger Images On Demand

Watch the video above for a brief overview of the On Demand Trigger. To take a picture or video On Demand, click the camera icon below. You will see the screen flash and your camera will send an updated image in about 3-10 seconds.

Barn Owl Timelapse Video

Barn Owl's Timelapse Video tool allows you to effortlessly create timelapse video from a series of still photographs captured by your Barn Owl camera. Timelapse Video is great for recording and presenting the progress of construction builds as well a

Schedule Photos

To receive photos on a schedule, you'll need to configure a Periodic Trigger + Trigger Window

Barn Owl User Management

Barn Owl HQ allows you to invite new users to your account so they can View, Manage, or Administer Camera Groups within your account. To add new users, click the Main Menu button in the top left, select Accounts & Billing, and then click Users. On th

Barn Owl Ai Alerts

Intelligent Alerts with Object Identification. With Barn Owl Ai, you can now set alerts to trigger when the camera recognizes an object that you’ve identified as “alert worthy.” Within your account, you can set alerts to trigger when objects such as

Barn Owl Maps

Barn Owl Maps is designed to give you a bird's-eye view of your property and assets. To access Maps, click on the Map icon below. If your camera includes GPS, you’ll see your cameras appear on your personal map with exact latitude and longitude coord

Access Invoicing/Usage Data

To review your Invoices, click the Main Menu button in the upper left corner, and then select Invoices. You'll see an itemized list of software & data usage on the next page. Camera Connection Fee: A flat monthly charge which applies to all cameras o

Update Payment Method

To update your payment method, select the Main Menu button and then click Account & Billing. Select the Billing tab then click the pencil icon next to Payment Method to update your card information. Make sure to click the Update Payment button to sav

Activate & Suspend Cameras (On/Off)

To Suspend or Activate your camera, click the 3 dots on the bottom right of your camera and then select Camera Profile. Then click the pencil icon next to Camera Status and select Active or Suspended. Camera suspension will pause Connection Fee and D

Remove Camera

To remove your camera, click the 3 dots to the right of the camera name you would like to remove, and select the Remove Camera option. This will remove your camera and all images in its gallery. You may access and download these images from the camer