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Activate & Suspend Cameras (ON/OFF)

To Suspend or Activate your camera, click the 3 dots on the bottom right of your camera, select Camera Profile, and then select Active to turn the camera ON or Suspended to turn the camera OFF. Active & Suspended have replaced the ON/OFF language fro

Setup Camera Alerts (Email & SMS/Text)

Click the 3 dots on your camera to access its menu. Then click Camera Alerts to turn ON or OFF your alerts options: Email or Text/SMS. Type your Email address or Phone Number on the appropriate page, click the + button to add the email or phone numbe

Update Camera Settings

Click the 3 dots to access your cameras menu and then select Camera Settings. Choose your desired settings from the highlighted tabs below and then click Update Settings to save.

Access Invoicing/Usage Data

To review your camera usage, click the 3 dots on your camera and then select Camera Usage. You'll see an itemized list of your camera usage on the next page. To view usage for All Cameras, select the 3 dots for the All Cameras group and select Group

Trigger Images On Demand

To take a picture or video on command, click the camera icon below. You will see the screen flash and your image will arrive shortly.

Factory Reset Camera

Put the camera switch in the "Setup" position and press the Menu button while on the "Searching.." screen. Navigate to the "Other" tab using the right arrow button, then navigate to the reset option using the down arrow button. Select the "Reset" opt

Remove Camera

To remove your camera, click the 3 dots on the camera you would like to remove and select the Remove Camera option. This will remove your camera and all images in its gallery.

Update Payment Method

To update your payment method, select the main menu button. Then select 'Edit Payment' and update your card information on the next page. Make sure to click the Update Payment button to save your new payment method.

SD Card Format

Put the camera switch in the "Setup" position and press the Up Arrow button while on the "Searching.." screen. Then press the "Menu" button and you should see a "Format" option. Highlight "Format" and press OK, then confirm "Yes", and it should say "

Test Photo

To take a test photo and connect your camera to our web app, please follow the steps below. Toggle the camera switch to Setup Mode > Wait for the 'Searching' message to disappear > Press the 'OK' button > 'Send FTP' and then 'Send Succeed will show u

Barn Owl Teams & Business Plans

Barn Owl Teams & Business Plans allow you to invite new users to your account so they can View, Manage, or Administer Camera Groups within your account. To enable Teams, upgrade your Billing Plan under User Profile. You'll then be able to Invite, Mod

Schedule Photos

Barn Owl Maps

Barn Owl Maps is designed to give you a bird's-eye view of your property and assets. You'll notice the new Maps icon located in the bottom of your account, as shown below. If your camera includes GPS, you’ll see your cameras appear on your personal m