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Access Invoicing/Usage DataUpdated 8 months ago

To review your Invoices, click the Main Menu button in the upper left corner, and then select Invoices.

You'll see an itemized list of software & data usage on the next page. 

Camera Connection Fee: A flat monthly charge which applies to all cameras on your account, unless the camera is Suspended. To pause billing, cameras must be suspended in Barn Owl HQ. 

SMS Usage: This covers text message alerts and commands sent to your camera. This includes settings updates and On Demand capture requests.

Data Usage: This is the amount of data your cameras have transmitted during your current billing cycle. 

Cloud Storage: This is how long your photos and videos will be archived in Barn Owl HQ before deletion. Basic accounts store the last 30 days of images, and additional storage options are available in Main Menu > Account & Billing. 

Barn Owl Care: provides lifetime and accidental damage coverage. For more details, please see our Barn Owl Care page

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