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Troubleshooting Tips and Instructions

Factory Reset Camera

RangeCam Models - Factory Reset. Put the camera switch in the "Setup" position and press the Menu button while on the "Searching.." screen. Navigate to the "Other" tab using the right arrow button, then navigate to the reset option using the down arr

SD Card Format

Put the camera switch in the "Setup" position and press the Up Arrow button while on the "Searching.." screen. Then press the "Menu" button and you should see a "Format" option. Highlight "Format" and press OK, then confirm "Yes", and it should say "

Send A Test Photo

RangeCam Models - Test Photo. ReachCam - Test Photo

Solar Panel & AA Battery Troubleshooting

How often should my camera need AA batteries?Based on average camera activity and settings, you should replace the camera's AA batteries based on the below guidelines.Standard panel: roughly every 2-4 months.Premium panel: roughly every 6-12 months.M

What is an Incomplete Transmission?

An incomplete transmission is a photo that was not fully transmitted. This results in a partial image that cannot be fully viewed. In many cases, this is the result of a temporary dip in cellular signal from the nearest tower, which will rebound in 2