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Send A Test PhotoUpdated 8 months ago

RangeCam Models - Test Photo

To take a test photo and connect your camera to our web app, please follow the steps below. 

Toggle the camera switch to Setup Mode > Wait for the 'Searching' message to disappear > Press the 'OK' button > 'Send FTP' and then 'Send Succeed will show up on the screen > Refresh your app to confirm the 'Setup Photo was received. 

Once this is complete, you can toggle the camera switch to ON and update your settings from the web app. 

ReachCam - Test Photo

Place the camera into SETUP mode and wait until "StatusReport Success" message disappears, then press the LEFT arrow button. "UpdateThumbnail" will appear, and send a test photo to the Barn Owl app. Check your Barn Owl app to confirm that the test photo was received. 
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