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Factory Reset CameraUpdated 7 months ago

RangeCam Models - Factory Reset

Put the camera switch in the "Setup" position and press the Menu button while on the "Searching.." screen. 

Navigate to the "Other" tab using the right arrow button, then navigate to the reset option using the down arrow button. 

Select the "Reset" option. Highlight "Reset" and press OK, then confirm "Yes". The camera screen should read "Completed", then should restart.

ReachCam - Factory Reset

Unclip the security latch on the lower right side of the camera. Place the camera into SETUP mode using the toggle switch, located to the upper right of the LCD screen. 

Once the Barn Owl logo disappears, press the M button. Scroll to the left until you see DEFAULT, then press the OK button. 

Press the UP ARROW to YES and press the OK button. Note: YES will not be highlighted. The camera should reset and return to the DEFAULT menu option. 

Press the M button to return to the SETUP screen. Once you see cell phone bars at the top of the image, you may use the toggle switch to turn the camera ON.

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