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What is an Incomplete Transmission?Updated a month ago

An incomplete transmission is a photo that was not fully transmitted. This results in a partial image that cannot be fully viewed. In many cases, this is the result of a temporary dip in cellular signal from the nearest tower, which will rebound in 24-48 hours. If Incomplete Transmissions persist after this period of time, here are some helpful troubleshooting tips. 

Check What You’re Transmitting

Try adjusting your Camera Settings to improve transmission capabilities:

  1. Photo vs. Video: Videos use considerably more data than photos. If you’re having trouble receiving transmissions, try disabling video or decreasing video clip size from 10 to 5 seconds.
  2. Photo Size: If your Photo size is set to Full Resolution, consider lowering the Photo Size to Large, Medium, or Small. Full Resolution photos can be manually retrieved from the SD card if needed. This will also help reduce your bill!
  3. Test It: If you’ve applied one, or both of the changes above, Trigger an On Demand photo to see if these changes have improved your camera’s transmissions. You can trigger a photo by selecting the camera icon next to the name of the camera you’re experiencing incomplete transmissions with. 

Check Camera Signal Strength

If adjusting the settings doesn't help, check the camera's signal strength:

  1. Online: Use the Status button in the bottom right of the Barn Owl HQ page to view the camera’s signal strength, which is displayed as Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent. If you’re experiencing Incomplete Transmissions with Good, or Excellent service, please contact Customer Service if setting changes did not improve your transmissions.


  1. On the Camera: Toggle the switch to Set-up and check the number of bars at the top of the screen. Choose the best location with the highest available signal strength onsite. 

Improve Camera Placement

  1. Relocate the Camera: Walk around the area where you want to mount the camera. Moving it 20-30 feet can make a difference in service. If you find a spot with better service, consider remounting the camera there.

  2. Adjust the Antennas: Sometimes, flattening the antennas rather than pointing them straight up can improve signal.

Contact Customer Service

If signal strength doesn’t improve and you’re still experiencing incomplete transmissions, please contact Customer Service at 720-594-3649 or [email protected] for assistance.

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