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Solar Panel & AA Battery TroubleshootingUpdated 8 months ago

How often should my camera need AA batteries?
Based on average camera activity and settings, you should replace the camera's AA batteries based on the below guidelines.

Standard panel: roughly every 2-4 months.
Premium panel: roughly every 6-12 months.
Mega panel: rarely requires replacement. We recommend AA backup battery replacement in case of hardware failure.

On the bottom of the solar panel is a black button which, when pressed, displays the panel charge level as a series of red lights. If you see fewer than 3 solid red lights, we recommend taking the panel inside to charge overnight and perform the test again the next morning. If the light pattern hasn't improved, this may indicate a solar panel failure which we can further investigate. 

We also recommend checking the power ports on the solar panel and camera, and charge cable between them. Also, if your panel has multiple OUT ports, please ensure the camera power cable is plugged into the 12V OUT only.