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Register your Barn Owl HQ Account & Add CameraUpdated 3 months ago

QR Code Method: To register your Barn Owl HQ Account, follow the steps below.

1. Scan the QR code, located on the camera box or camera door, with your smartphone's camera app. 

2. Click the link that appears in your camera app. This will start the registration process and automatically add your camera. 

3. Complete registration by adding your billing info. Your SIM card is pre-installed in your unit and can immediately start transmitting as soon as registration is complete. 

Tip: For quick access, you can save the Barn Owl HQ web app as an icon to your home screen. 

For video overviews, see our RangeCam 4G & Mini Setup and ReachCam Setup pages. 

Manual Method: If you run into any issues adding your camera with the QR code, you can register and manually add your camera by visiting The registration process will request the IMEI and SIM numbers. 

1. Click the Main Menu button and select Add Camera

2. Enter your IMEI and SIM numbers

3. Then click Add Camera. 

RangeCam Models: The IMEI number is located on the sticker above the camera display. The SIM number is located on the chip, plugged into the left of the camera display. 

ReachCam Models: The IMEI and SIM numbers are located on the camera door. 

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