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Winterization & StorageUpdated a month ago

We know not every customer has their cameras up all year round and that’s okay! To ensure that your camera is stored properly for the winter (or for however long you need) will make start-up the next time you unbox it a breeze.

Winter Storage Check List

  • Ensure that your camera is brought inside for the winter. Leaving your camera up can cause unwanted damage that your camera can’t alert you about when it’s offline. 
  • Make sure you store your camera in a temperature controlled room. At the end of the day your camera is still electronic, and while it can run in varying temperatures while it’s on, it’s still best to ensure it’s in a dry, even temperature room while being stored.
  • Remove your antennas and batteries. Ensure your antennas are removed and stored with the camera to prevent damage while not in use, and remove batteries to prevent battery drainage, or battery corrosion. 
  • Write down your password and store it somewhere safe if your camera is password protected. Barn Owl does not have access to your password, and we cannot recover it for you if it’s forgotten. Please ensure you have this information saved or stored so you can access your camera next year! 
  • Store your Solar Panel with your Camera. To prevent unnecessary weather wear or damage, store your solar panel and cables at the same time. 

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