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Barn Owl Teams & Business PlansUpdated a year ago

Barn Owl Teams & Business Plans allow you to invite new users to your account so they can View, Manage, or Administer Camera Groups within your account. 

To enable Teams, upgrade your Billing Plan under User Profile. 

You'll then be able to Invite, Modify, or Remove users on the User tab. 

On the next page, select your user's access level: Administrator, Manager, Viewer. Then assign them to your desired Camera Groups.

Account Owners have privileges over the entire account. Only the account owner can update billing and add or remove users.

Administrators have privileges over the camera groups that they are assigned to and the ability to add or remove cameras.

Managers can view and edit camera settings & alerts in the groups that you assign them to. 

Viewers can view cameras or images in the camera groups that you assign them to.

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