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Barn Owl AiUpdated 8 months ago

Intelligent Alerts with Object Identification 

With Barn Owl Ai, you can now set alerts to trigger when the camera recognizes an object that you’ve identified as “alert worthy.” Within your account, you can set alerts to trigger when objects such as People, Vehicles, and/or Animals come into view of the camera. Barn Owl Ai is being designed to help reduce the number of unwanted alerts that you receive and to help keep you informed of issues that need your attention.

Update 2/13/2023 - Enable Ai Object Detection

Object Detection has moved from the User Profile tab to Camera Settings. To enable it, open your camera's Menu and select the Capture Tab. 

Then toggle ON or OFF the Object Detection option. 

Ai Object Detection can now be toggled ON or OFF on a per camera basis. 

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